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Project MotherShip. Aliens UFOs. Pass It On!!!

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Project MotherShip. Aliens UFOs. Pass It On!!!

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UFOs : UFO Web MastersWelcome. I have an Internet Network set up online dedicated to UFO related web sites. There are thousands of UFO and space related web sites listed at,,, and all around the World. So I'm now attempting to bring the Web Masters of UFO websites together in one private club. All Web Masters and owners of UFO related websites will be welcome. To become a member click here to view and join up instantly for free now. You will then need to post your homepage link and Yahoo! member login name at the public message board here in the "UFO webmasters" section. << Note: you will need to sign up to use that message board (not your Yahoo! login).

Moderators will then visit your UFO website and email you from your website to confirm your Yahoo! login name, and that you are the owner wishing to join the UFO webmasters Yahoo! group.

It is all very quick and easy. All you need is...
a Yahoo! 'sign up'... and...
a message board 'sign up' (registration).
Then post your UFO website homepage link at the
UFO webmasters section at the message board. Moderators, friends, and I will then visit your website.

Government Agencies are welcome too. But you will have to create a UFO related website to enter via the same proccess. The club/group is free. I have the ability to create and maintain everything professionally full-time. If you are interested in putting me on a small weekly wage for this project please see the Investor Relations information about me.







UFO web masters



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